Do you have rally questions? Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the rally. Please read through them as they may answer a number of questions you have.

Q1. When will you announce more detail about the rally?
A. As we get closer to the rally registration date of January 23rd, we will post more on this rally website and on the Facebook event.

Q2. When will Rally Registration be offered and how will it work?
A. Registration will open on January 23rd at 1 pm Eastern. Registration will be done online only. A link to the registration site will be posted on various Alliance-related Facebook pages and groups, and on the Alliance RV Owners Forum. We’ll have published a checklist of decisions you will need to make during registration. We encourage you to download and print the checklist and complete it by hand so that you will be ready on registration day. Here’s the link to the Rally Registration Checklist.

Q3. When and where is this rally being held?
A. The rally will be held May 31, June 1 and 2 at the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana (about 25 minutes south of the Alliance campus)

Q4. Is Early Camping available at the Fairgrounds?
A. Rally attendees may camp at the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana up to 3 days prior to the rally. If you desire to camp 1, 2 or 3 days, May 28, 29 and 30, the venue requires us to manage those requests and collect camping fees. You will make these reservations with Alliance RV as part of the Rally Registration process.

Q5. If I want to come to the area prior to the early camping days at the Fairgrounds, have any arrangements been made for this?
A. Yes. Elkhart Campground has set aside a number of spaces for rally attendees who wish to arrive in the area as early.  And their new process for this is DON’T MAKE A RESERVATION.  In fact, they just want you to show up as they have sites set aside.  Just advise them that you are with the Alliance RV group.  Here’s a map link to Elkhart Campground.

Q6. I want to be sited next to or near one or more of my friends, can this be accommodated?
A. In many cases, this can be accommodated. Here’s how: All who desire to be sited next to or near one another must all arrive at rally check-in “at the same time”. This is due to a variety of factors with this venue. At registration, attendees will be able to choose from a number of camping areas. So long as all in this group choose the same area and arrive at the same time, one right after the other, best efforts will be made to get you all sited together.

Q7. I understand it’s likely that the rally may sell out quickly. How can I prepare myself for the online registration process?
A. We suggest you read through this FAQ, read through all of the other rally pages from the menu at the top of this page and download the Rally Registration Checklist document – link. Then print and complete the checklist document by hand and keep it handy. With all your rally registration decisions pre-determined, your actual online registration should go very quickly (5 minutes or so).

Q8. Can we have campfires?
A. Only if weather conditions are favorable and the area is not in a high-danger state, self-contained, above ground fire pits may be used. The venue does not sell firewood and there are no fire rings at the campsites.

Q9. What kind of cellular voice and data coverage can we expect from the major carriers?
A. Using this map from the FCC and using this address: 17746 County Road 34, Goshen, IN 46528, you’re able to check the voice and data boxes for your carrier. In our check, we found complete voice and data coverage for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. We found no coverage for US Cellular.  Note that the rally venue may be just on the edge of T-Mobile data coverage.

Q12. When is check-out?
A. For most attendees, check-out is noon on Saturday, June 3 in accordance with what’s included in the camping portion of your rally registration.  For attendees that want to spend 1 more night, we have recently been given approval to allow attendees to contract directly with the Fairgrounds office for Saturday night, June 3 with check-out being noon, Sunday, June 4.  Should attendees desire to remain in the area beyond noon Sunday, consider relocating to Elkhart Campground in Elkhart (contact info in Q5 above).

Q13. Are my pets allowed to join us at the rally and Is there a pet policy?
A. Yes, your domestic pets are welcome to accompany you at the rally.  One change from 2022: During times when meals are being served, we are allowing only Service Animals inside the Event Hall.

Q14. Will Factory Service work be done at the rally?
A. Yes, complimentary, minor service work will be performed on Alliance coaches that signup for service work.  Follow this link to learn more and to Sign Up.

Q15. How will the Service Team know we have arrived – do we need to check-in with them?
A. Yes – you do need to check-in with the Service Desk. Please try to do so within an hour of your arrival at your site. Note too that the Service Desk location has changed from 2022. Follow this link to learn more about the Service Check-In process.

Q16. Can you give me a map link to the rally arrival gate (7)* at the Fairgrounds?
A. Map Links to Arrival Gate 7* (with your RV):
Google Maps – Apple Maps
*Note: If you are being weighed at the rally, please enter Gate 3. We’ll have signage for this. Those being weighed will enter Gate 3, get weighed, leave Gate 2, take a right and proceed with Site Check-in at Gate 7.

Q17. I don’t see Golf Cart Rental as a product in the store – what’s up with that?
A. If Golf Cart Rentals aren’t showing up as a product in the store, this means they are sold out. We actively manage a waitlist for Rally Registration and Golf Cart Rentals. Follow this link to signup for the waitlist for one or both of these products.

Q18. I don’t see any tours other than the Alliance Factory – will there be any?
A. For 2023, we are sticking with scheduling only Alliance Factory tours. That said, MORryde and others often do tours and have their own schedules for this. We encourage you to reach out to companies of interest to inquire about and take a tours.

Q19. I have a Valor and would like to use my rear and side patios on my rally site – what camping areas are best for this?
A. We have identified 3 areas that are the most conducive to the use of Valor patios. That said, we cannot promise that any particular area or site will allow the use of Valor patios at this venue. Those areas to consider are: South, Ring Road (closest to the train tracks) and Draft Horse (close to the horse track and dusty). Your arrival date to the rally venue will also play a part in what may be left in these areas that are most conducive to patio use.

Q20. I’m not great at backing my RV, are the campsites all back-in or are some of them pull-through?
A. None of the sites are pull-through in the traditional sense. Most rows of sites are back-to-back with other sites. That said, those who arrive on the early days may be able to pull-through the site behind theirs and into their own, if the site behind theirs isn’t yet occupied. Also, we’ve got an experienced Parking Team and when needed, they will be able to assist you in getting into your site.

Q21. If I registered for the 2022 Ally Rally, will my account information still be there and can I access it / update it now?
A. Yes! We’re using the same system: WooCommerce on top of WordPress for the rally registration system. If you registered for the 2022 Ally Rally, then you already have an account on this system and that will make your registration go smoother. You may access this account now, ahead of registration to ensure your data is accurate and if needed, reset your own password. Here’s a link or click My Account on the menu above.

Q22. If I already have an account in the Alliance RV Owners Store or of I create one now, are my Credit Card details stored in the system or can I add them now?
A. No – sorry. The ordering system does not store your Credit Card details (number, expiration, CVV).

Q23. It’s prior to the public registration launch (January 23rd at 1 pm eastern) and I can’t access the Rally Registration product. It’s asking for a password. I have an account on the Owners site but that password isn’t allowing me access to the Rally Registration product. Am I doing something wrong?
A. The Rally Registration product will remain password protected until public registration at 1 pm on January 23rd. At that time, no password will be required to get into the Rally Registration product and begin the registration process. At checkout, if you already have an account on the Owners site, you will be prompted to log into it unless you did that before you started the registration process.

Q24. Rally Arrival and Departure, what do I need to know?
A. The first thing to know is there isn’t just one arrival day. Depending on how many days early you are arriving, your arrival day could be Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. And for a handful of Allies, your arrival day is Wednesday.

Q25. I’m on a Water / Electric only site (Carnival, Northeast and Yellow), how does the pump-out service work?
A. Follow this link for a more detailed FAQ on the holding tank pump-out service.

Regardless of your arrival day, the process is similar. See Q16 above for more Gate # info.
Additionally, parking hours are 8 am to 5 pm. If you’re unable to arrive by 5 pm, we’ll post a number to call at the site check-in area, through and past Gate 7. We should have enough daylight through 8 pm and we’ll park you if we feel we can do so safely.

Finally, departure day. For most, departure will be Saturday, June 3rd by noon. For those who wish to stay over Saturday night, your departure will be Sunday, June 4th by noon. To add this extra night of camping, attendees must walk over to the Fairgrounds office during the week to register and pay for that night.

Do you need clarification of any of the above answers or do you have a new question that is not addressed above?  Click here to email your question to Jim Beletti.