2024 Indiana Rally Name Badge and T-Shirt Order Form

Badge Information

  • We plan to produce Rally Name Badges for Paid Attendee.
  • Add your City.
  • Select your State or Province.
  • Select your Brand / Floor Plan.
  • For each badge, carefully enter the first and last name as you want it to appear on your rally badge.  Repeat for all paid attendees in your rally unit.  Consider not using ALL CAPS.
  • For each T-Shirt, select a size for all paid attendees in your rally unit.

Please submit this request one time only.  If you need to make changes to your submission, please send the Rally Team an email with your name and your changes.  Email link.


T-Shirt Information

  • Each Rally Unit (Campsite or Offsite) qualifies for up to 2 Rally T-Shirts plus 1 additional Rally T-Shirt for each additional paid attendee (12-17 and 18+).
  • Please do not order more shirts than your rally unit qualifies for as we only have a small number of extras for swaps and employees.
  • Rally T-Shirts are being offered in Adult/Unisex-style only and in sizes S (35/37), M (38/40), L (41/43), 1XL (44/46), 2XL (47/49), 3XL (50/53) and 4XL (54/57).
  • Experience has shown us that for many, Rally T-Shirts tend to run a bit small.  Please consider this when selecting sizes.

Contact Information

We ask for this information in case we we have any questions about your Badge information or T-Shirt requests.  This information will NOT appear on badges.