If you’re on a Water / Electric only site (Carnival, Northeast and Yellow camping areas), one (1) tank pump-out is included for your stay. Cripe’s Septic is our vendor for the pump-out service.

Pump-Out FAQ

Q. When can I have my holding tanks pumped-out?
A. You will choose the day to be pumped-out from Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Q. How will Cripe’s know I want to be pumped-out?
A. You received a Pump-Out medallion in your rally bag (see image below). It was taped to a hard-copy of this page. The night before you want to be pumped-out, place the medallion on your pinbox so it can be seen from the front of your RV. The next day, when Cripe’s comes through your area, they will see the medallion and pump you out. Cripe’s will take the medallion with them for rally billing purposes.

Q. What if my tank valve handles are near my Nautilus panel, how do they get to them?
A. You MUST leave the baggage door that your valve handles are behind, UNLOCKED.

Q. What if my tank valve handles are on my frame – how will they find them?
A. While Cripe’s has performed this service on thousands of RVs, it may be wise for you to place a note on the outside of the off-door-side baggage door, indicating that you have 1, 2 or 3 tank valve handles further back on the frame.

Q. Can I get another pump-out in addition to the one that’s included?
A. We will have a very small number of additional medallions. The cost for each additional medallion is $60.