Only attendees camping in the following areas, need to consider purchasing one or more Pump-out Medallions: Area 11 – Carnival, Area 12 – Yellow and Areas 13/14 – Northeast.  These are the only camping areas in use this year that do not have sewer.

Using the Pump-out service we’ve contracted with is your choice.  We are passing through the same cost we’re being charged.  There are 3 dump stations on Ring Road that you may use at any time for free (map link). And if you have one, you can use a portable sewer tote and dump it at a dump station. Finally, for those who are comfortable with it, there are 4 bathhouse buildings on the property for your use. They all have sinks, toilets and showers and can be a great way to offset some of your tank usage.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to order your Pump-out Medallion(s).

Pump-Out FAQ

Q. What areas don’t have sewer and would require a Pump-out if desired?
A. Thee camping areas in use this year that do not have sewer are: Area 11 – Carnival, Area 12 – Yellow and Areas 13/14 – Northeast.

Q. When can I have my holding tanks pumped-out?
A. You will choose what day(s) to be pumped-out from Tuesday through Friday.

Q. How will the vendor (Cripe’s Septic Service) know I want to be pumped-out?
A. The night before you want to be pumped-out, place your purchased pump-out medallion on the front of your 5th wheel pinbox or your travel trailer A-frame so it can be seen from the front of your RV. The next day, when Cripe’s comes through your area, they will see the medallion and pump you out. Cripe’s will take the medallion with them as they will use them to bill Alliance RV.

Q. What’s the benefit of purchasing a pump-out medallion in advance?
A. If you purchase before the rally starts, your pump-out medallion will be in your welcome bag, and you can choose when to use it. Waiting to purchase your medallion may mean delays in getting the medallion to you.

Q. What if my tank valve handles are near my water panel, inside my pass-through, how do they get to them?
A. You MUST leave the off-door side pass-through bay door that your valve handles are behind, UNLOCKED.

Q. What if my tank valve handles are on my frame – how will they find them?
A. While Cripe’s has performed this service on thousands of RVs, it would be wise for you to place a note on the outside of the off-door side pass-through bay door, indicating that you have 1, 2 or 3 tank valve handles further back on the frame. Consider even adding a note on the exterior sidewall, above each frame-mounted valve handle.

Q. I didn’t previously purchase a medallion or I want to purchase more, how can I do this?
A. Use the form below to purchase Pump-out medallions. The cost for each additional medallion is $60. Please purchase additional medallions at least 24 hours in advance of your need to ensure our on-site rally team sees your order and gets you your medallion in time.