Optional Informal Meeting

What is it all about?
Is this your first National Ally Rally? Would you like to learn a bit more about what to expect at the rally, what to know and what not to miss? Considering attending.

Who is it for?
Geared towards those who have never been to a National Ally rally

When is it?
Tuesday, May 30 at 1 pm

Where is it?
Event Hall (building A)

What should I bring to it?
Be sure to attend the welcome reception starting at noon and collect your rally bag there. In it will be your rally agenda. Bring that and a pen

How long it is?
We’ll limit this informal meeting to 1 hour. This will allow you to get back to or join for the first time, the Welcome reception and for those with a 3 pm Factory Tour, plenty of time to get refreshed and make it to Elkhart

What topics will be covered?
• Where is everything at the venue?
• When is everything happening?
• How do meals work?
• How does Service work
• I’m in a water/electric only site and my tanks are full – what are my options?
• How does rig weighing work?
• How does Truck and RV Cleaning work?
• What can I learn at the workshops?
• Tell me more about crafting?
• Where do I go if the storm sirens go off?