What to know about your Rally Arrival and Departure days

My Arrival Day
The first thing to know is there isn’t just one arrival day. Depending on how many days early you are arriving, your arrival day could be Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. And for a handful of Allies, your arrival day is Wednesday. Regardless of your arrival day, the process is similar. Follow process A or B below, whichever applies.

Additionally, parking hours are 8 am to 5 pm. If you’re unable to arrive by 5 pm, we’ll post a number to call at the site check-in area, through and past Gate 7. We should have enough daylight through 8 pm and we’ll park you if we feel we can do so safely. Follow this link to our Rally Venue Map.

A. I’m Getting Weighed
If you’re signed up to be weighed or if you’re not signed up but wish to be weighed (learn more), you will Enter Gate 3. If you’re coming from the west and you see RVs in a parking lot at the venue, be very careful – DO NOT enter Gate 2. Go to the next gate, Gate 3 to enter for weighing. Once you’re weighed, you will exit the weigh lot through gate 2, take a right and proceed to Gate 7 for Site Check-In and RV Washing (if you’re registered for it).
Map links:
Google Maps – Apple Maps

B. I’m Not Getting Weighed
If you’re not getting weighed, Enter Gate 7. Continue south on the interior road from Gate 7 and follow the signs to the Site Check-In table. The Site Check-In team will greet you, confirm the area you are registered for, hand you a Service Check-In form, then escort you to the next available site in your area. If you have signed up to be Washed or if you’re not signed up but wish to washed (learn more), before being taken to a site, you will be escorted to the Wash area.
Map links:
Google Maps – Apple Maps

Note About Gate 1 Usage
In 2022, we used Gate 1 as our entry point for all attendees and left that gate open for the entirety of the rally. For 2023, we are not using Gate 1 for arrival at all. Please DO NOT Arrive with your RV through Gate 1. At the end of the day, Sunday, we will open Gate 1 so that those who are camped in Yellow lot may use this gate to come and go as needed. This gate may also be used for departures with your RV.

Note for Carnival, Northeast and Yellow Camping Areas
If you are among the 60 or so that will be on a 30A Water/Electric site with no sewer (Carnival, Northeast and Yellow), and if you’re arriving with partially full black/gray tanks, we suggest that you advise the Site Check-In team upon arrival that you wish to dump your tanks before being escorted to your site. They can direct you to a dump station, then circle back to grab you and escort you to your site. Also note that we will be providing 1 pump-out service during the rally. Follow this link to learn more about this service.

My Departure Day
For most, departure will be Saturday, June 3rd by noon. For those who wish to stay over Saturday night, your departure will be Sunday, June 4th by noon. To add this extra night of camping, attendees must walk over to the Fairgrounds office during the week to register and pay for that night.