Do you have Las Vegas Rally questions? Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Las Vegas Rally. Please read through them as they may answer a number of questions you have.

Q1. When will you announce more details about the Las Vegas rally?
A. You can see more information on this rally below, as well as on our Las Vegas Rally page and on the Facebook event.

Q2. When will the Las Vegas Rally Registration be offered and how will it work?
A. Registration Requests will be available April 6-April 13. We will choose attendees based on a lottery system, so there is no need to rush to the Registration Request link. It just needs to be completed in the timeframe given. A link to the registration Request form will be posted on various Alliance-related Facebook pages and groups.

Q3. When and where is this rally being held?
A. The Las Vegas rally will be held October 30-November 1 at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q4. Is Early Camping available Oasis?
A. If you receive a registration email, you will be given the option of checking in on Tuesday, October 29. This is highly encouraged since rally events will start first thing Wednesday morning with a catered opening breakfast and opening address from key Alliance personnel. If you would like to check-in BEFORE Tuesday, October 29 or check-out at a later date than Saturday, November 2, you will need to make arrangements through Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort. Please be sure to say you are a part of the Las Vegas Alliance Rally group so discounts can be applied where available. (Please note, checking in before Oct. 29 may mean moving locations within the resort once the rally starts.)

Q5. What if I want to come to the area before Tuesday, Oct. 29?
A. Due to how busy this time of year is for Las Vegas resorts, we are only able to guarantee our attendees chosen from the lottery a site from Tuesday, October 29 through Sunday, November 3 (staying the night of Saturday, November 2 will require reserving your spot through Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort directly, and you will need to mention you are a part of the Alliance Rally to get the $80/night rate.) While there may be spots at Oasis before and after our event, you will not get the Vegas Rally discount, and you will most likely need to change sites at the resort.

Q6. I want to be sited next to or near one or more of my friends, can this be accommodated?
A. It may be possible to have a site next to friends if you arrive at the resort at the same time.

Q7. Can we have campfires?
A. Only if weather conditions are favorable and the area is not in a high-danger state, self-contained, outdoor fire pits that are elevated and completely screened in, as well as charcoal or gas grills are acceptable.

Q8. What kind of cellular voice and data coverage can we expect from the major carriers?
A. The resort will offer free Wi-Fi.

Q11. When is check-In?
You may check in at any time on Tuesday, October 29 or Wednesday, October 30. You do not need to go to the check-in desk. The gate attendant will have your information. You will just need to let them know that you are with the Vegas Ally Rally and give the name you registered under.

Q12. When is check-out?
A. Check-out on Saturday, November 2, needs to happen by noon (12pm). Anyone wanting to stay an additional night will need to contact the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort directly to make arrangements. Please be sure to tell them you are with the Vegas Ally Rally.

Q13. Are my pets allowed to join us at the rally and Is there a pet policy?
A. Yes, your domestic pets are welcome to accompany you at the rally.  Note: During times when meals are being served, we are allowing only Service Animals inside the Event Hall/Tent.

Q14. Will Factory Service work be done at the rally?
A. Yes, complimentary, minor service work will be performed on Alliance coaches that sign up for service work.  Follow this link (coming soon) to learn more and to Sign Up. Please note: Since this rally is taking place across the country from our main campus, it is necessary to sign up for service work within the date guidelines we set. Failure to submit your vin and your three minor service requests in time via the online form may mean your parts will not be available in time for the Vegas Rally.

Q15. How will the Service Team know we have arrived – do we need to check-in with them?
A. Yes – you do need to check-in with the Service Desk. Please try to do so within an hour of your arrival at your site. Follow this link (coming soon) to learn more about the Service Check-In process. Our service desk will be open Tuesday, October 29, 10am-4pm and Wednesday, October 30, 8am-4pm.

Q16. Can you give me a map link to the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort?
A. Google Maps – Apple Map

Q17. Golf Cart Rentals
A. There may be golf cart rentals available through a local rental company. More details to come.

Q18. I have a Valor and would like to use my rear and side patios on my rally site – what camping areas are best for this?
A. All camp sites for the Las Vegas rally will be the same premium sites, but site lengths will vary. The resort will try to place you in the best-fitting spot possible.

Q19. I’m not great at backing my RV, are the campsites all back-in or are some of them pull-through?
A. All of the sites will be pull-through.

Q20. Rally Arrival and Departure, what do I need to know?
A. When you arrive, you will NOT need to go to the check-in desk. All of your information will be at the gate and you can arrive at any time on Tuesday, Oct. 29 (highly recommended) or Wednesday, Oct. 30. Just have a photo ID ready for the person whose name the reservation was made under. Check-out will need to happen by noon (12pm) on the date you have established.

Q21. Can I continue camping at the Oasis after the conclusion of the Rally on November 2?
A. Anyone attending the Vegas Ally Rally can stay one additional night on Saturday, November 2, however, the reservation for the night of November 2 must be made through Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort, and you will need to tell them you are with the Vegas Ally Rally to get the $80/night discount. Additional camping dates are based off of the Oasis’s availability and not necessarily guaranteed. In addition, you will not receive the $80/night discount outside of the dates of Tuesday, Oct. 29-Saturday, Nov. 2, and you may be required to move sites if you decide to stay at Oasis outside of these dates.

Q22. Can I get a map of the camping areas?
A. Follow this link to view an image of the camping areas map.

Q23. Where can I find out more about the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort’s regulations and rules?
More rules and regulations for the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort can be found by clicking This Link.

Q24. What is the cancellation policy?
If you cancel your reservation before Monday, August 26, 2024, you will be refunded your event fee and camping fees, with the exception of any taxes and service fees. Cancellations done between Monday, August 26, 2024-Saturday, October 12, 2024, will be reimbursed the rally fee and camping fees, minus 25% of overall camping cost and any taxes and service fees. Cancellations after Saturday, October 12, 2024, will not be refunded.

Do you need clarification of any of the above answers or do you have a new question that is not addressed above?  Click here to email your question to the Rally Team.