Terms and Conditions

By placing a Golf Cart Rental order, you enter into a Rental Agreement.  Below are the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

The rental period begins when you sign your golf cart out from the Golf Cart Manager.  This typically happens the morning of the 1st rental day, depending on your arrival time and availability.   The rental period ends at 9 pm on the last day of your rental period.

Alliance RV has not provided insurance for your rental.  Personal Injury and Property Damage that arises with your rental is your responsibility.  This includes damages to the golf cart.

Maintain a lower speed in areas where people are walking / biking.  Maintain a lower speed on gravel roads, especially Ring Road from gate 1 to Locust Street as we have Ally units in the Northwest, Yellow, Ring Road and South camping areas that have to fight the dust kicked up by vehicle traffic.  Please do your part.

We will provide a refueling opportunity for carts that need it.  The refueling day and time will be communicated in the Mobile Guide.

Per our contract with our vendor, the carts must be returned free of all trash and if the cart is real dirty from road dust and/or dirty water splash, please give your cart a rinse down before returning it.

Not later than 9:00 pm local time, have your cleaned golf cart returned to a location that will be designated upon pickup.  Leave the key off and in the ignition.