This open house will be at your leisure 6pm-8pm on Tuesday, May 28. Please feel free to visit any of the units listed below during that timeframe to see how fellow Allies have modified their unit.

Area 1 – Northwest – Site 401 – Jim Tanner
Mod #1: Complete power change over. 810 amp hours of Lithium battery, 2000w of solar and 3000w Victron Inverter and Cerbo GX monitor
Mod #2: Power cord changed to “SmartPlug”

Area 1 – Northwest – Site 440 – Joseph Scheneck
Mod #1: Garbage slide out drawer
Mod #2: Underchassis Storage System
Mod #3: Auxiliary Taillights
Mod #4: Bedroom Storage Mods

Area 1 – Northwest – Site 444 – Ed Schellhase
Mod #1: Remote tank level monitor
Mod #2: Cheap heat system (electric add-on for your gas furnace)
Mod #3: Bedside shelf flip-top conversion
Mod #4: Rear tail/brake light bar under rear window
Mod #5: Water pump run light on monitor panel
Mod #6: Nautilus shower door replaces glass shower doors
Mod #7: Vented microwave vent hood fan
Mod #8: Pantry door latch
Mod #9: Island dedicated outlet for crock pot/instant pot ILO dishwasher outlet
Mod #10: Basement slideout TV bracket
Mod #11: A/B/Both positive battery disconnect switch
Mod #12: Weatherflow Tempest weather monitor
Mod #13: Flag Pole Buddy telescopic flag pole on ladder
Mod #14: Sofa leg removal
Mod #15: MySpool Power Monitor
Mod #16: MySpool Water/temp Monitor in Nautilus bay
Mod #17: Delta Touch2O kitchen faucet
Mod #18: Sofa side cabinets bottom reinforcement
Mod #19: AC power outlet inventory
Mod #20: Temp Stick room temperature monitor for pets
Mod #21: Bauer digital door lock with matching one-key solution
Mod #22: Above microwave cabinet door strut installation
Mod #23: Norcold 2118 refrigerator condensate drain pan elimination
Mod #24: Under mattress ventilation pad
Mod #25: Bed struts changed to higher lift rating
Mod #26: New dual USB jacks on both sides of bed
Mod #27: Hinged access to behind Nautilus panel
Mod #28: Corro-Protec electronic water heater anode rod
Mod #29: WiFi Ranger network router with network hand drive
Mod #30: Battery monitor panel for non-solar installations
Mod #31: Ring camera interior dog monitor
Mod #32: Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C 50 Amp Hardwired EMS with Remote Display and remote switchable display
Mod #33: Winegard Trav’ler roof-mount satellite dish with Genie Receiver, two mini’s and AM-21 OTA receiver
Mod #34: Onboard two-stage water filtration and regulation system
Mod #35: Nixplay cloud-based photo frame installation using onboard DC power

Area 1 – Northwest – Site 459 – David De Both
Mod #1: Basement Storage Shelf added

Area – 1 – Northwest – Site 465 – Wayne Alter
Mod #1: Moved wall belly back, flush mounted EMS, added lighting and window
Mod #2: Cleaned up electrical system, added more solar and built DIY batteries in Milwaukee packouts

Area 1 – Northwest – Site 471 – Rich Geyer
Mod #1: Stove/Oven Removal / Remodel

Area 9 – South – Site 235 – Jason Anderson
Mod #1: Solar system installed in coach’s pass through bay

Area  11 – Carnival – Site 23 – Mark Alvarez
Mod #1: Televator added so tv out of sight when not in use.
Mod #2: Shocks added to rv.
Mod #3: Glow step revolution steps added to unit
Mod #4: Smart plug and hard wired smart plug protection.
Mod #5: Quad tail light set up added
Mod #6: Raised all jacks and raised sewage pipes and raised sewage dump port
Mod #7: Lined the sconce light globe to soften lighting
Mod #8: Entire underbelly quartered and easily removable in sections to access.
Mod #9: Added 80 amp circuit breaker system for the hydraulic system
Mod #10: Sectioned storage under kitchen sink
Mod #11: Sectioned top drawer in kitchen island to store utensils more organized
Mod #12: Relocated electrical outlet and light switch, built shelves under sink and medicine cabinet
Mod #13: Tiled and wallpapered bathroom and installed towel hooks
Mod #14: Wallpapered hallway
Mod #15: Replaced loft wall with some plywood reinforcement when relocating electrical outlet in bathroom 
Mod #16: Shelves built in cabinet next to pantry to make storage more organized
Mod # 17: Wallpaper in MP room
Mod # 18: Bike mounting rack built in MP room which is removable to use as bedroom when bikes are taken out.
Mod # 19: Shelving built into cabinets in mp room
Mod # 20: Cabinet built to left of door entry in kitchen( cabinet kit bought from alliance for a 385FL)
Mod # 21: Battery box and tool equipment storage area in front compartment. Carpet placed in this compartment
Mod # 22: Soft starts placed on all ac units
Mod # 23: Gen y executive gooseneck replacing the factory pin box.

Area 9 – South – Site 270- Ryan & Kathleen Starnes
Mod #1: Garage turned to office space